Energy efficiency is a real competitive asset for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEMs’ customers expect them to provide increasingly more energy-efficient solutions in order to save in operating costs. Improving the power factor of a device can be seen directly in its operating costs. With TKF’s solutions, OEMs can improve the power factor of their applications.


For example, a remote mine may generate its own energy with diesel generators. A power factor corrector installed in the device frees the generators to generate real active power instead of the reactive power used by the device. Mines increasingly use solar and wind power to generate their energy, which emphasises the importance of the power factor even more. If the mine is connected to the power grid, a poor power factor increases the fees paid by the mine to the power grid company significantly.


Equipment is often found in a challenging operating environment: a factory with its field-specific characteristics, traffic underground, above ground, on sea and in the air, or why not a remote mine. A device installed in the operating environment must operate without causing disturbances in the power network. On the other hand, the device must also withstand any harmonics, interruptions in the power supply and other fluctuations of power quality that may occur in the power network. TKF’s solutions ensure that the device is suitable for its operating environment with regard to power quality.


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