Electrical designers make important decisions on the building services of a property or the electrification of an industrial facility. Power factor correction and power quality assurance are an important part of the whole project. At TKF, we help designers with issues related to power factor correction and power quality.


Cost savings during the life cycle as well as the stability of the power network are the deciding factors in designing power factor correction. With suitable power factor correctors, reactive power fees can be eliminated throughout the life cycle. In addition, local power factor correction reduces costs by affecting the dimensioning of electrical equipment. For example, smaller transformers or cabling may be sufficient when reactive power does not consume the capacity of the power network.


The aim is to ensure high power quality in the design phase. In addition to reactive power, factors like harmonics are also taken into account. The more frequency converters, LED lamps, UPS devices or electronics there are, the more likely it is for harmonics to cause trouble at the site.


When the parameters of the power network are known in sufficient detail, the power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment are specified as a part of design. If necessary, a reservation is made for the equipment, and TKF carries out power quality measurements when the site is commissioned. The need for equipment and its characteristics are determined based on the measurement results.


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